Jing Bao - The second phase of the Big Wave Commercial Center opened this month

Date:2014-09-05Author: Hits:5375

Jing Bao News (Reporter Lai Liangqing Intern Shang Xiaoye) Yesterday afternoon, Longhua New District Dalang Office held an investment environment promotion meeting at Dalang Jiaanda Building. The reporter was informed at the meeting that the second phase of the Dalang Commercial Center will be opened this month. The planned project is 12 commercial buildings and 2 pedestrian streets, which can carry the commercial supporting center and brand marketing center of the future Dalang clothing industry gathering base, further enriching and upgrading. The first phase of commercial service functions.
The promotion will be based on the 2014 Longhua New District Investment Environment Promotion Conference and the comprehensive introduction of the investment environment. With the geographical advantages and good investment environment highlighted by the big waves, the introduction will focus on the Big Wave Fashion Creative City and Fulong Road Ecology. Science and Technology Corridor Planning, Yanfenghua Xiamen University Longhua Production and Research Base, Jia'anda LED Characteristic Industrial Park, Jianye Digital Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shikong Urban Development Unit Planning, Dayang Commercial Center Phase II and Phase III Renovation, Yingtailong Key investment promotion projects in the industrial parks, Zhong'an R&D industrial bases and other jurisdictions.
Jia'anda Science and Technology Industrial Park has been rated as Shenzhen LED Characteristic Industrial Park. It is one of the important industrial carriers in the jurisdiction and has settled in a number of powerful enterprises. At the press conference yesterday, three companies, including Shangdao Coffee, Yuwei Electronics Co., Ltd. and Runbaotian Technology Co., Ltd., reached an initial contracted cooperation project with Jiaanda.
At the promotion meeting, Hu Xiaoqing, the leader of the new district, said that since the investment environment promotion conference was held in the new district, the investment development environment and industrial transformation and upgrading of the new district have achieved great results. The promotion will fully demonstrate the good ecological and humanistic environment of the big waves and attract Focusing on the big waves, expanding the influence of the big wave investment environment, providing a strong boost to the industrial transformation and upgrading of Dalang, will greatly enhance the investment environment of the new district, and urge the new district to become an industrial strong area with important influence in the Pearl River Delta region.